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Our PureMag™ next-generation relay technology with patented magnetic isolation provides unrivaled reliability, performance, and space saving.
We are developing innovative solutions for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) that enable higher density within production testers, while increasing system flexibility and reducing power and cost.
We deliver the world's lowest cost and highest performance TPH drivers with Rdson under 7 Ohms and have a series of 1 Ohm drivers in development.
Our cutting-edge ASIC technology designed for electronic detonator blasting systems feature precise timing control, reliability against environmental challenges, and scalability for large-scale blasting operations.
Track inventory, tools, equipment, and high-value assets with RFID tags optimized for range, size, and cost.
Our ASIC technology for solar microinverters and energy storage systems (ESS) reduces size and improves performance making products more affordable, durable, and adaptable.
We have experience delivering custom ASIC solutions to world leading brands. Our capabilities include definition, design, verification, sorting, testing, and high volume manufacturing.